Star and PU400 Series Machines

Star and PU400 Series Machines

Star and PU400 Series Machines are compact light weighted small range single jib Building maintenance Unit (BMU), it is suitable where ample roof space is available to make the track layout and the building doesn’t have any major recess or protrusion, the outreach is limited to 4.5 meters, the traversing is along the track or guide rail, the roof machine will include steel chassis, structure and frame, the jib, the slewing mechanism, the spreader bar slewing mechanism and the hoisting mechanism by traction winch.

Hoisting Option:

  1. For Star series machine the hoist by traction winch is housed within the roof trolley which results in greater stability and spacious cradle.
  2. For PU400 machine the hoist is within the working cradle, it is basic system with advantage of using the same power cradle with other system be it machine, monorail or davit by easy switching.

Traversing Option:

  1. Guide rail on concrete runway, the roof machine will travel along the leveled concrete pathway guided by steel angle, the machine is perfectly counterbalanced.


  • Luffing of jib by hydraulic jacks
  • Spreader bar to keep cradle parallel to façade (motorized/manual)
  • Motorized machine slewing
  • Complete Control are given in machine and cradle

Standard Dimension:

Application Height: up to 250 meters
Cradle length: 2 – 3 meters
Track gauge: 1500 – 2000 mm
Safe working load: 240 kg

Category: Roof Machines

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